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POS 101: From Bread and Butter to Profits and Paydays

August 23rd, 2022|101, Accounting, Bar Management, Hotel Management, Integrations, Restaurant Management|

The modern business operator (that’s you!) must decode an ever-shifting landscape of digital alphabet soup. There's a parade of acronyms, each one heralded “absolutely necessary” for success. They can be difficult to keep straight and nearly impossible to examine as worthy tools for your [...]

Small Investment, Big Reward: How Your Business Can Benefit from the Hospitality Industry’s Booming Tech Trends

November 11th, 2021|Accounting, Restaurant Management|

  Investing in Tech The hospitality industry is evolving quickly and technology is following suit. These tools, designed with you in mind, aim to simplify operations and drive profit. Think about how often your business relies on manual inputs like book-keeping, invoices and menu costing. [...]

How Craftable’s new Heartbeat will help multi-unit restaurant operators view trending sales and labor costs in real-time

September 27th, 2021|Bar Management, Restaurant Management|

Hospitality professionals are finding themselves with a lot on their plate. From supply-chain constraints and simplified menus to labor shortages, multi-unit restaurant groups have been stretched as thin as thin-crust pizza dough. Craftable created a solution to help provide transparency and optimize operations where it’s [...]