Your new favorite barback wherever you go

From ordering and payments to inventory and reporting, now your entire bar is at the touch of your fingertips.
Lower pour cost

Lower your pour costs by 3-5%. Track waste, theft and overpours in real-time variance reports.

Track every drop

By aligning purchases with sales, your inventory alerts you when you’re under par, and will even prompt you to reorder.

Count quickly

Cut your inventory time by 50% with tools that make it easy and fast, like our shelf-to-sheet calculator.

Uncork your beverage program

Now your team can spend more time on the floor with guests, instead of counting in the walk-in or cellar. Our inventory audit slashes count time with powerful and robust tools.

  • Fully mobile on iPhone & Android
  • Intuitive bottle slider & calculator inputs
  • Offline counting in the cellar
  • Customizable storage locations
  • Unlimited users for your whole team

Shake and stir points off pour cost

With up-to-date pricing, real-time reporting and costing calculators, easily engineer your menu to meet your financial goals. Track overpours, theft and waste with variance reports to fine tune your program.

  •  Real-time inventory automatically updated by your POS
  •  Actual vs. theoretical variance reporting
  •  Drink costing calculator with batch tracking
  •  Automated pour cost alerts
  •  Market-based bottle price monitoring

Retire all your bar tools

By ordering from your existing inventory, you can set low inventory alerts, par levels, build automated orders and place new orders to all vendors in a single cart. Finally control your entire operation from anywhere. Say goodbye to pen and paper and hello to your beverage program on the go.

  • One-stop shopping with all of your vendors
  • Track credits and keg deposits
  • See your live inventory
  • Automate your menu and publish for all to see
  • Works on all of your devices

We're the champagne to your OJ

With over 60+ integrations into the most popular POS and accounting platforms, we love our technology partners.

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“When it comes to inventory control, Bevager really works. It’s user-friendly, intuitive, and the reporting is super simple. It’s much easier to use than any other tool I’ve tried. We often joke when training new staff that it’s as easy to use as Amazon and if they can’t figure it out, we may need to re-evaluate their role. Additionally, I love that it’s a mobile platform and that they are always trying to improve the product. They listen to feedback. This is a company that cares!”

Constantin Alexander, Director of Beverage at Hakkasan

We work with the best

“Bevager has been a great tool for our teams to easily track inventories, purchases and price adjustments. It also saves us money in real time, by easily calculating variances in actual vs. theoretical costs based on our sales mix, which helps us identify opportunities and trends that need addressing early on.”

Sabato SagariaMaster Sommelier & President at Bartaco

“I started using Bevager without any training and it took me less than 2 days to figure out inventory and ordering on my own. Honestly, it’s one of the easiest ways to work with any organizational stuff for the bar. Inventory takes only 2 hours for 2 places compared to 6 with other platforms. Now we’re starting to use it for our new place, Pineapple Club, that we are opening this year in East Village. It was insanely easy for my partners to adopt and learn the system even though they were new to it.”

Nazar HrabCo-Founder at Pineapple Club

“Our partnership with Bevager has been an incredible tool to help us manage costs and streamline programs across multiple units. From initial recipe development and costing, to ordering, inventory management, and sales analysis – Bevager connects the data we need to see the big picture.”

Jared CrabtreeBeverage Director at Tacolicious

“Contract pricing in Bevager allows Future Bars Group to unify purchasing without resorting to costly warehousing and the associated inventory carrying costs, strengthens our negotiating position, and ultimately saves us millions annually.”

COO at Future Bars Group

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