Complete restaurant management platform

Designed for hospitality by the industry’s leading experts. Simple for the floor, powerful for the office.
Optimize operations

Tie your sales, inventory and recipes together. Get ready to lower your pour costs by 3-5% and food costs by 2-3%.

Reduce labor hours

Reduce inventory time by 50%, accounting by 80% and send a check in seconds. Your customers have missed you long enough.

Gain transparency

See your purchases vs. sales, prime costs and operations statements without lifting a finger. You can’t control what you can’t see.

Reduce pour cost along with labor hours

Built to handle the most demanding beverage programs in the country, Bevager is an all-in-one platform made to control every feature of your bar program. From ordering with vendors, costing every dash and counting every bottle, now you can keep a watchful eye on variance and cost percentage without needing a stiff drink at the end.

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Run the leanest kitchen with the sweetest margins

With menu engineering, recipe costing and price comparison, your team behind the burners can easily adjust their culinary creations to protect margins in our cost-sensitive industry. Easily manage multiple locations, different vendors, and complex recipes with subrecipes and batches. Finally, a platform that allows you to count your chickens before or after they hatch!

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From single-site locations to multi-unit enterprise, we work with groups of all sizes.

Bars & Nightclubs

Easy to use & seamlessly connects to your current restaurant stack.

“Bevager has allowed our beverage team to effectively track and locate inventory across multiple venues and storage areas in our six-story building. It’s flexibility as a program allows us to tailor inventory, ordering, and reporting to our needs. Not to mention we’re able to do all of this from a phone, making wine location a breeze for the entire management team.”

Vincent MorrowMaster Sommelier & Wine Director at One65

“Bevager has been a huge help in streamlining our inventory process, and tracking down historic numbers. But I didn’t fully appreciate the program until we opened our second location. The cross-outlet functionality has made operating two separate businesses so much easier.”

Morgan SchickPartner at Trick Dog

“Our inventory management has been made 100 times easier to oversee, direct and troubleshoot since we’ve adopted the Bevager platform. It has saved the company dozens of hours of labor during inventory per location and brought us a level of continuity and accuracy which had previously been lacking.”

Raj VaidyaMaster Sommelier at Restaurant Daniel

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