Your new favorite sous chef in the palm of your hand or on your desk

Align purchases with sales to better understand your true costs, we help you track every penny.
Perfect purchasing

Order for your entire kitchen in 15 minutes without calling or texting. Never get 86’ed again and lower your food cost by 2-3%.

Automate accounting

Connect your systems to reduce admin by 70%. Manual invoices, inventory, payments and sales reporting have now expired.

Maximize profits

Every minute and crumb matters with our end-to-end reporting. Track every cost to double your margins.

Engineer your menu to new profits

Cost in seconds, map to POS in moments, and see your profit on every plate as its served. Finally get a true understanding of your menu mix, item profitability and plate performance in real-time.

  • Rich recipe and subrecipe costing
  • Item and modifier POS mapping
  • Automated menu engineering and theoretical cost reporting
  • Daily operations and prime cost financials
image of food cost management software
image of food cost management software

Farm to table meets farm to phone

Ready to give up clipboards? From ordering to receiving, you’re about go entirely paperless. Our purchasing flow helps you connect with your vendors in record time.

  • Restaurant-wide shopping on the go
  • Pack size cost comparisons
  • Real-time integrations with your vendors
  • Fully mobile on iPhone and Android

Snap your invoice without leaving the line

Never manually enter an invoice again with our industry-leading invoice processing. Send in your invoice to have it quickly prepared for accounting. Teach us to map your items to recipes and GL codes once and never think about it again.

  • Reliable invoice-inventory linking
  • Automated GL coding splits, allocations, exceptions and more
  • Direct integrations with thousands of vendors
screenshot of food cost analysis program

We're the champagne to your OJ

With over 60+ integrations into the most popular POS and accounting platforms, we love our technology partners.

We work with the best

“I started using Craftable without any training and it took me less than 2 days to figure out inventory and ordering on my own. Honestly, it’s one of the easiest ways to work with any organizational stuff for the bar. Inventory takes only 2 hours for 2 places compared to 6 with other platforms.”

Nazar HrabCo-Founder at Pineapple Club

“Contract pricing in Craftable allows Future Bars Group to unify purchasing without resorting to costly warehousing and the associated inventory carrying costs, strengthens our negotiating position, and ultimately saves us millions annually.”

Chief Operating OfficerFuture Bars Group

“Our partnership with Craftable has been an incredible tool to help us manage costs and streamline programs across multiple units. From initial recipe development and costing, to ordering, inventory management, and sales analysis – Craftable connects the data we need to see the big picture.”

Jared CrabtreeBeverage Director at Tacolicious

“We love working with the Craftable platform because it gives us the tools to take control of our margins in real time, as opposed to waiting on the end of the month numbers to make important decisions.”

Adam StemmlerOwner at Farm League Management

“Craftable has allowed our beverage team to effectively track and locate inventory across multiple venues and storage areas in our six-story building. Not to mention we’re able to take care of inventory, ordering, and reporting from a phone, making wine location a breeze for the entire management team.”

Vincent MorrowMaster Sommelier & Wine Director at One65

“Craftable has been a huge help in streamlining our inventory process, and tracking down historic numbers. But I didn’t fully appreciate the program until we opened our second location. The cross-outlet functionality has made operating two separate businesses so much easier.”

Morgan SchickPartner at Trick Dog

“Craftable has been a vital tool for me. It has allowed our teams to have a better understanding of their costs on all fronts, from the beginning of the ordering process to receiving, counting, and sales analysis.”

Daniel GrajewskiSr. Director, Wine & Beverage at José Andrés Group

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