Become a VIP in bar operations. Welcome to the club.

Elevate your wine, craft cocktail or beer program to new heights

Reduce pour cost

Reduce your pour costs by 3 – 5% with intuitive inventory counting tools, centralized purchasing, and real-time sales reporting.

Improve inventory control

We help you track waste and theft by providing an accurate Actual vs Theoretical report that manages variance.

Manage curated collections

Leave the vintage to your wine collection and modernize your beverage program. We give you the tools to track every bottle in your bar or cellar.

From counting bottles to calculating costs, we help beverage directors get the most out of their program.

Bevager is built specifically to help you manage your beverage program from the palm of your hand. From automating ordering and invoicing to streamlining inventory audits, we provide easy-to-use tools for beverage directors, sommeliers, bar managers and accountants. Pour out the waste and shake up your profit with Bevager.

  • Over 6,000 vendor integrations
  • Mobile apps for inventory audits
  • Offline counting and multiple storage locations
  • Manage vintage wine collections, kegs/beer, craft or batch cocktails
  • Unlimited users
We capture actual vs theoretical costs to help you maximize your inventory and sales.

Bevager seamlessly connects to your POS and accounting services so you can track waste, theft and overpours with real-time variance reports. By aligning purchases with sales, your inventory alerts you when you’re under par, and will even prompt you to reorder.

  • Daily reporting on pour cost
  • Reorder when you’ve reached par
  • Loss prevention features including server and ticket data
  • Reduce sitting inventory and optimize cash flow
  • Over 60+ POS & accounting integrations

We're the champagne to your OJ

With over 60+ integrations into the most popular POS and accounting platforms, we love our technology partners.

“When it comes to inventory control, Craftable really works. It’s user-friendly, intuitive, and the reporting is super simple. It’s much easier to use than any other tool I’ve tried. We often joke when training new staff that it’s as easy to use as Amazon and if they can’t figure it out, we may need to re-evaluate their role. Additionally, I love that it’s a mobile platform and that they are always trying to improve the product. They listen to feedback. This is a company that cares!”

Constantin Alexander

Director of Beverage at Hakkasan

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