The restaurant and hospitality industry has seen undeniable shifts as operators continue to face disruption from the pandemic’s onset in 2020. Two years later, market adversity continues to bring new challenges while also offering the industry a unique opportunity to grow. 

When examining our industry’s climate and forecasting trends, it is clear that labor pressures will continue to define how operators move in 2022 in addition to constant supply chain and cost disruptions. The industry is seeing an upswing in use and development of labor management technology solutions as well as an overall societal emphasis on work/life balance. When the rest of the world has shifted the way they work, it’s time the restaurant industry follows suit. Here are the top 3 trends facing the hospitality industry as a whole and what some businesses are doing to address them. 


Shifts in Operating Hours

According to analysts and industry professionals alike, more restaurants are open fewer days of the week and continue implementing shorter hours. Some concepts are even operating 5-6 days a week as opposed to the traditional 7, specifically those with smaller staffed teams. Because locations are implementing these changes as an extension of the pandemic’s change in hours, consumers have shown to be more flexible to the transition. This also opens up opportunities for supplemental  traffic on the days they are open, due to higher demand. 


Labor Challenges on a National Scale

Despite having more technology and resources, large chain-restaurants are not immune to labor and staffing pressures. Major corporations like Starbucks, Chipotle and others have continued to reduce operational hours due to staffing shortages. These hours vary among local communities and franchises as hiring demands fluctuate from state to state. 


Growing Emphasis on Employee Wellness

Although the factors affecting labor demands are many,  these disparities are also a direct symptom of industry burn-out. Industry professionals were hit hard and worked harder to survive the pandemic, leaving staff and operators alike physically and mentally exhausted. Providing staff with appropriate time-off, holiday time and breaks directly impacts retention, morale and has the opportunity to positively impact public and community perception of the brand.    


Utilizing End-to-End Technology

As we continue to dive head-on into 2022 labor, supply and cost issues, are now an integral part of the landscape. By welcoming new issues with innovative solutions and technology, industry professionals will continue to adapt and thrive in ways that prioritize, protect and uplift their employees. Technology solutions in restaurants are used for many things including profit management, booking reservations, contactless payments, inventory management, automating ordering, employee scheduling, and more. By welcoming new issues with innovative solutions and technology, industry professionals will continue to adapt and thrive in ways that support their employees in addition to providing better guest experiences and driving revenue.