Set the table for bigger profits. Reservations not required.

Move out of the back office and cook up better experiences with:

Rich recipe & plate costing

Keep your truffles out of the dirt and in the bank. Our recipe and plate costing tools pull up-to-date pricing directly from your inventory.

Menu & sales analysis

Our menu engineering and detailed sales reports help you identify where you can serve up more delicious profits at every meal.

Automated digital invoicing

We automate invoices and payments to provide accurate operational reporting on what matters most — your profit margin.

Understand what’s profitable (or not) on your menu. Our menu engineering tool helps you trim the fat and taste success.

We connect what you buy with what you sell so you can have a better understanding of what plates are hot and which are cold. Our platform slices and dices the numbers so you can spend more time creating deliciously profitable treats for your guests. 

  • Cost out recipes and sub-recipes in seconds
  • See plate cost in real time when you map to your POS
  • Actual vs theoretical costs help measure the efficiency of your food costs
  • Test new recipes and plates to see if they will be profitable
image of Restaurant Management Software
image of restaurant operations software
No more boxes of invoices hiding in your kitchen. We digitize your orders so you can manage all your purchases from one place.

We make it easy for your operators to purchase & receive while automatically syncing with AP for your accounting team. Our electronic invoices reduce labor hours, reduce accounting errors, and eliminate double entry. 

  • We integrate with over 6000 food & beverage vendors
  • Invoices with select vendors sync directly to your account
  • Orders use last purchase price for more accurate pricing
  • Automatically syncs with the most popular accounting solutions

We're the champagne to your OJ

With over 60+ integrations into the most popular POS and accounting platforms, we love our technology partners.

“Craftable has been a valuable tool for us at The Fifty/50 Group. Our ability to see pricing and ordering in real time across multiple properties allows us to monitor purchasing centrally, saving countless labor hours. With all our food and beverage recipes stored on the platform and connected to ingredient pricing, we are always one step ahead with accurate theoretical food and beverage costs.

Inflation and constantly changing commodity pricing can sneak up on a restaurant’s bottom line. We are able to make menu adjustments well ahead of time with the information we have at our fingertips. Craftable gives us that edge.”

Mark Braver

Director of Restaurant & Bar Operations and Partner, The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group

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