Pathways to Profitability

Now more than ever, maximizing revenue is critical. While restaurants are not operating, minimally operating, or operating carry out or modified modes, there is more time to tighten up your operational plan and strategy for reopening to full strength. 

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Erik Segelbaum


Back to Basics

Revenue & profits driving program potential

In this video, Erik Segelbaum from SOMLYAY will walk you through how to create a plan to shift your product mix (PMIX) to high margin items and run a more profitable wine program at your bar or restaurant.

Wine Menus: Part 1

How to turn your food or beverage menu into a sales tool

Most menus, not just wine lists, are not sales tools but rather informational documents. Thoughtfully laid out menus can drastically impact sales – if you can’t influence every purchase decision with a sommelier or server you can create a wine list that leads to high value sales through strategic layout. In the first segment of this 2-part video, Erik will guide you through creating a thoughtful menu layout that draws attention to higher-margin items and increases your sales.

Wine Menus: Part 2

Understanding the psychology of buyer behavior

In this part 2 of increasing the profitability of your wine list, Erik Segelbaum of SOMLYAY will teach you about buyer behavior and how to use steppers, compellers, and upper-limit modifiers to help guide your guests in decision-making.

Why You Need a Sommelier

Having a sommelier on staff is important

A typical restaurant sales product mix (PMIX) is split at 60-70% food and 30-40% beverage, however, 70-95% of gross profit dollars comes from the beverage category. Having a sommelier on staff can help augment sales and reduce burden on FOH duties. In this segment, Erik Segelbaum of SOMLYAY will show you how to utilize a sommelier, what to expect, and how to make more money by having a specialist on-hand during difficult times.

Training Your Staff

How to ensure you are training your staff properly

Learn how to effectively train your bar and restaurant staff on how to open a dialog with guests centered around your wine menu and create a more meaningful experience. In this segment Erik Segelbaum from SOMLYAY will give you key talking points for your staff such as describing how a particular wine is special, why it pairs well with certain dishes, how and when to recommend a wine, and more. 


SOMLYAY is a full-service hospitality agency with national and global reach. Founder and Chief Vinnovation Officer, Erik Segelbaum, utilizes his nearly 30 years of expertise to offer a variety of services custom tailored to every segment of the industry including on-premise, supply-side and private consumer.

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Craftable significantly lowers food, beverage, and labor costs by combining your vendor purchases with sales. We serve hospitality groups by simplifying ordering, payments, inventory management, electronic invoicing, and recipe and menu costing while reducing back-office labor hours. Our cloud-based platform is available to use on any device- desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

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