In many ways, the restaurant business is all about operating ‘on the fly’.  Whether it’s reimagining your business model to adapt to a global pandemic,  jumping behind the bar to sling drinks when your head bartender is weeded,  or reworking your signature dish to suit a picky customer’s tastes, most  restaurateurs are masters at rolling with the punches.  

As important as being able to make game-time decisions is, your restaurants’ profitability often comes down to thorough planning and data-driven choices.  

Luckily, it’s 2021, and restaurant owners are increasingly turning to business  intelligence and analytics software that’s designed to take guesswork off the  menu.  

Do a Deep-Dive into Every Sale  

Looking for ways to increase sales isn’t revolutionary, since it’s an inherent  part of every owner’s core goals. However, analytics software does do something revolutionary by breaking down complex sales data into digestible information. Imagine being able to track sales by item or category, as well as by revenue center or meal period—and the impact that would have on your profit margin.  

This allows you to see which items you should try to get in front of every  guest, as well as which ones shouldn’t even be on the menu.  

Once you know what’s selling and what’s not, you can adjust your prices and  stock accordingly. Plus, you can incentivize your staff to sell profitable drinks  and dishes, and to push items you need to move out of your inventory.  

A Smarter Way to Upsell 

Since Craftable’s Analytics platform uses POS sales data, it captures insights from every single sale, modification, add-on, and upcharge. If data shows that most customers are  asking for a specific ingredient to be left off a dish, you can cut costs by not  including it in the first place. If most customers say ‘yes’ to adding a certain  side, you can train your servers to suggest the option every time.  

Though getting a feel for what’s working based on customer and staff  feedback will never be obsolete, it should only be a piece of the puzzle.  Incorporating analytics into your sales strategy can increase average check  sizes by up to 30%. 

Make Every Item a Recipe for Success  

What’s the difference between that 15-ingredient cocktail that looks great on  Instagram, and a simple, batched cocktail that’s equally as appealing and  delicious?  

The cost.  

Accurately monitoring recipe costs is a key way to drive profits and keep expenses in check. Common knowledge tells you that some ingredients are  more expensive than others, but analytics accurately calculates the costs of  all the components of a menu item, and allows you to see the overall price of  the recipe as a whole.  

Staff Support Beyond Pre-Shift  

Software will never replace a good old-fashioned pre-shift staff meeting, but  it can help you support your team by providing insight into their individual  strengths and weaknesses. Knowing how to leverage your team’s talents can  help you cut labor costs, and it’ll keep you from having too many (or too few)  hands on deck.  

Understanding exactly how many people you need in the kitchen and on the  floor for a busy Friday night service shouldn’t be based on your intuition  alone, which is where analytics comes into play. 

Analytic software clues you in on your servers’ performance, which can help  you identify where extra support is needed. For example, if you notice some  of your servers are falling behind on wine sales, you can boost their  confidence and knowledge with an informational tasting.  

Comps and voids don’t magically disappear. Understanding which staff  members tend to take items off customers’ bills can shine a light on where  additional training is needed, as well as sounding the alarm on theft.    

Inventory Was an Art—Now It’s a Science  

Before business intelligence software, knowing how much inventory to order  was based on a mix of experience and attempted fortune telling. Thankfully,  you can put the days of placing an order and hoping for the best behind you.  

Now, you can set your business up for future success by using software to  analyze past variance. 

This means you can accurately predict sales and costs with robust automated  reporting that works just as well for restaurant groups as it does for single  locations. Since you’ll know what to expect, you can stock your inventory 

strategically, and seamlessly integrate inventory costs into the rest of your  game plan.  

Every Service Should Serve Your Business  

In today’s data-driven world, knowledge is power. Craftable’s Analytics platform gathers information from your current tech stack including POS, labor, and accounting. This way, you’ll never overlook an opportunity to boost sales, control costs, and make more informed decisions.  

When you need to make a choice on the fly, it should still be backed by data. With the right software, you can stay agile and prepared. Analytics by Craftable is a powerful tool that will help your bar or restaurant run like a well-oiled machine—even during the busiest rush.