Whether it’s dancing on the Cruise Rooftop at FGL House, hearing an edgy country band at Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar, snapping a picture under the aerial hanging truck at Luke’s 32 Bridge, or enjoying the “glitz and glam” at Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa, TC Restaurant Group (TCRG) gives their customers something to talk about. Partnering with the biggest stars in country music, TCRG develops premier dining and entertainment destinations in Nashville and beyond.

TCRG’s multiple venues faced a high beverage variance of 10% to 15% across concepts. Like many restaurant groups, their inventory management process was purely paper-based. While this was initially considered manageable, inventory inaccuracies occurred without a method to track product loss. In January 2022, TCRG implemented Craftable, and the results rocked their world. With a single platform to handle ordering, invoicing, and cost control, TCRG lowered their company-wide variance to an average of 5%, with some venues achieving as low as 3%!

Here’s what Josh Edington, Director of Beverage of TC Restaurant Group, had to say about Craftable’s impact: 

“Our success with Bevager has led us to add the Foodager platform to several venues and will be active at all TCRG concepts before the end of the second quarter of 2023. Its simplicity of use and user-friendly reporting has been integral in the success of our inventorying process and has made us substantially more profitable by helping us identify items and areas that we were losing product on a daily basis.”

Running five successful venues under one rockin’ rooftop is no small feat, but Foodager and Bevager were up to the challenge. TCRG needed a robust system that could handle even the country’s most complex food and beverage programs. With Craftable’s help, cross-outlet functionality was more manageable than ever. The teams have reduced inventory counting by 2-3 hours per venue, resulting in a monthly savings of 20-30 man hours.

Without a doubt, nobody does country quite like Nashville, and nobody does reporting quite like Craftable. Our powerful Analytics tool seamlessly captured data trends across multiple locations with in-depth forecasting, allowing TCRG to make informed decisions while uniting sales, costs, and labor. Edington notes, 

“We also utilize the Analytics Pro to help us track data such as upselling, profit by employee, and server contests, all of which we use to motivate our teams and provide metrics by which we are able to elevate our own in-house standards.”

From dining to entertainment, TC Restaurant Group takes Southern hospitality to the next level. After all, what’s a Nashville party without music, right? For the most exciting weekly entertainment on any live music stage in Nashville, Tequila Cowboy’s weekly live music scene is one of a kind. Craftable and TCRG are the rhinestone cowboys taking center stage, and we’re honored to serve the multi-unit enterprise with our best-in-class technology. Ready to make the switch to an all-in-one platform? Schedule a demo for full visibility into your restaurant group’s operations.