We are excited to announce that Bevager and Foodager are about to come together for a new and unified experience! As of February 4th, 2020, you’ll start to see branding shift to Craftable, the industry’s leading all-in-one back office platform! We want to share with you, the Bevager and Foodager community, how this change is going to benefit you.

This name change will allow us to better represent our current product suite and our exciting upcoming additions. We’ll also be able to offer better communication and support across our growing user base. Our commitment to providing our customers and partners with the best restaurant technology remains our top priority and only increases as we work with the industry’s leaders.

The change to Craftable will include a brand new website and logo, a new login URL, and updated communication materials. Our product offering will remain unchanged – Bevager and Foodager will remain the same, with no feature, billing, or account changes. We’re committed to our users.

What will be different? Nothing!

  • Our rebrand will not impact billing, subscriptions or invoicing, but you will see updated logos and documents rolling out over the next few weeks. 
  • Current users will be redirected to log in to their account at app.craftable.com/signin
    • You may need to log out and then back in again at the new app URL. That’s it!  
  • Support and sales emails will be adjusted to @craftable.com, but you will still be able to reach us through our old email addresses @bevager.com – so nothing to change there either! 

Our company contact information will remain the same (844) 367-7700 and our accounting will remain as is at 655 Oak Grove Ave, #880, Menlo Park, CA 94026.

We’re honored to share the last five years with the industry’s leading brands and look forward to welcoming a new decade with even more to offer!


– Craftable Team (aka Bevager/Foodager)