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    A solution designed to adapt to our customers’ individual needs

    We don’t just sell software, we partner with our customers to build the future of the hospitality industry. With that in mind, all of our platforms champion flexibility and customization. Even among such peers, our Procurement Program is king.

    No Costs

    Our Procurement Program is free for all Craftable customers so you can focus on the savings.

    No Obligations

    While the benefits of the program are always available, you are not obligated to make any changes. Our goal is to empower you with information and options, leaving the business to you.

    No Commitments

    If you do choose to make changes as a result of this program, you are able to revert back at any point. Consider it high reward, low risk.

    No Rebates

    You can find all your savings where they belong—directly on your invoices.

    No Compromises

    Saving money doesn’t have to mean cutting corners with Craftable. We will find products that match your exact specifications, leaving you and your customers happy.

    Our experts have 25+ years of experience across all hospitality operation types and will meet with you to review all your current purchasing behavior. They will then recommend money-saving practices that account for your distribution network, current pricing, and specs. What advice you choose to take and when will be totally up to you, but the Craftable team will be ready to help enact those changes. Ready to identify your opportunities? Schedule your initial consult now.

    With a wide variety of customers spread across the nation, our team keeps a finger on the pulse of the nuanced changes in the market. We leverage that knowledge to identify opportunities and minimize increased costs. Best of all, this service can be utilized many times as the market continues to shift.

    Whether you want to stay within your current vendor network or expand, Craftable will help you locate products with your exact specifications and broker relationships. We will even take care of the paperwork! Our goal is to empower you to make informed decisions while decreasing the amount of labor required to do so.

    Craftable has over 5,000 customers and 2 billion dollars worth of spend moving through our software. We leverage this volume to create special pricing for our customers. We are saving current participants from 10-35% on purchase prices. 

    In most cases our customers save over 10 times their subscription fees on software which gives them free software plus savings by default.

    Find new products from manufacturers that are specially priced from our Craftable Co-Ops supply network.

    What to expect with us

    We’ll review your current purchasing and standards, identifying savings along the way and handling the paperwork.

    You’ll be added to our exclusive price scales, tailored to maximize your savings.

    We’ll share the best practices we’ve used to help save other customers millions and help you put them into practice.

    Watch the savings roll in! We can help adjust and monitor the results as frequently as needed.

    “I started using Craftable without any training and it took me less than 2 days to figure out inventory and ordering on my own. Honestly, it’s one of the easiest ways to work with any organizational stuff for the bar. Inventory takes only 2 hours for 2 places compared to 6 with other platforms.”

    Nazar HrabCo-Founder at Pineapple Club

    “Contract pricing in Craftable allows Future Bars Group to unify purchasing without resorting to costly warehousing and the associated inventory carrying costs, strengthens our negotiating position, and ultimately saves us millions annually.”

    Chief Operating OfficerFuture Bars Group

    “Our partnership with Craftable has been an incredible tool to help us manage costs and streamline programs across multiple units. From initial recipe development and costing, to ordering, inventory management, and sales analysis – Craftable connects the data we need to see the big picture.”

    Jared CrabtreeBeverage Director at Tacolicious

    “We love working with the Craftable platform because it gives us the tools to take control of our margins in real time, as opposed to waiting on the end of the month numbers to make important decisions.”

    Adam StemmlerOwner at Farm League Management

    “Craftable has allowed our beverage team to effectively track and locate inventory across multiple venues and storage areas in our six-story building. Not to mention we’re able to take care of inventory, ordering, and reporting from a phone, making wine location a breeze for the entire management team.”

    Vincent MorrowMaster Sommelier & Wine Director at One65

    “Craftable has been a huge help in streamlining our inventory process, and tracking down historic numbers. But I didn’t fully appreciate the program until we opened our second location. The cross-outlet functionality has made operating two separate businesses so much easier.”

    Morgan SchickPartner at Trick Dog

    “Craftable has been a vital tool for me. It has allowed our teams to have a better understanding of their costs on all fronts, from the beginning of the ordering process to receiving, counting, and sales analysis.”

    Daniel GrajewskiSr. Director, Wine & Beverage at José Andrés Group

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