Everyone knows the old adage: the only things certain in life are death and taxes. However, when you’re in the restaurant business, it might feel more accurate to say that the only real certainties are that you need a POS system, and you need a way to manage your money without going crazy. 

No matter how big or small your bar or restaurant may be, odds are you need a way to both send orders to the kitchen, and to keep track of your expenses. That said, it only makes sense for these two crucial aspects of your business to work seamlessly together. 

Take a look at how Craftable offers the full menu in terms of modern technology integrations to create an experience that pairs perfectly: 

Your Point of Sale is a Point of (Essential) Data

You already know that your POS is the lifeblood of your business. Without it, operations would grind to a halt, and you’d have a tough time getting food and drinks in front of your guests. If you’ve ever had to resort to hand-writing tickets, you know just how much your system matters! 

Beyond serving as the link between your customers, floor staff, and the kitchen, your POS is also an incredibly important source of data. A good POS captures every piece of information regarding what’s happening within your business—down to the last side of extra sauce. 

Craftable integrates with almost every POS on the market, which can help you put that data to good use. We sync with popular platforms like:


Our software goes beyond just monitoring sales and provides forward-thinking analytics that prime your business for success. 

Accounting Software Makes Managing Your Finances Less Painful  

It might not be the most fun or glamorous part of managing a restaurant, but keeping your finances in immaculate condition is part of the job description. Thankfully, accounting software can save you from (some of) the headaches that come with tracking expenses, managing payroll, and filing taxes. 

QuickBooks, Bill.com, Oracle NetSuite, and Restaurant365 are just some of the accounting tools Craftable is designed to integrate with. Since our software works in harmony with theirs, you’ll never hit a disconnect when it comes to your money. 

Put Your Money Where Your Menu Is

Choosing POS and accounting software that works for your business are only the first pieces of the puzzle. The next step is using them in tandem with each other to truly reap the benefits. This can be the difference between having software that works, and having software that works wonders. 

Think of it this way—you use your accounting software to track payments to vendors, and you use your POS to see when you’re running low on the ingredients you order from them. When your POS and your accounting software are both synced with Craftable, you’re cutting out arduous steps, eliminating opportunities for things to fall through the cracks, and ensuring that no aspect of your business gets left in the dark. 

By thinking of your money and your menu as being inextricably linked, you’ll start to discover patterns, learn from the past, and find innovative ways to plan for the future. 

Craftable Offers All the Integrations You Need

Craftable’s ability to integrate with the hospitality world’s most useful tools means that not only are we team players, but we’re also team builders. By using Craftable to sync your POS and accounting software, you’ll be managing your operation at every level.