Owners and managers are pros at handling stressful situations: packed dining rooms, hour-long waitlists, and even emergencies like the AC going down on a scorching day. However, there’s one thing that stresses out even the toughest, most seasoned industry managers—invoices. 

If you’ve ever sorted through stacks and stacks of paper invoices, spent hours manually processing payments (for everything from cocktail napkins to filet mignon), you’ve probably dreamed of a better way to tackle one of the most arduous tasks in the business. 

Craftable’s innovative hospitality purchasing software makes handling invoices run as smoothly as your services. Let’s take a look at how automation is truly changing the game: 

Every Second Counts—Stop Wasting Time on Invoices 

You know how long it takes to go through the never-ending pile of invoices accumulating in the office. Every second (or more realistically, hour) you spend sorting through paper invoices is valuable time that could be spent serving customers and improving overall operations. Plus, data entry is tedious, and most people didn’t get into hospitality because they enjoy slow, boring tasks. 

If you’re looking for ways to get back to the hospitality aspect of  your job, automated invoices allow you to:

  • Snap a picture, email, or upload invoices
  • Access a digitized version within hours
  • View automatically coded line items
  • Export invoice data, images, and reports
  • Archive invoices and images for life

You’re Only Human 

Mistakes happen—no matter how diligent you are. Managing invoices by hand is extremely prone to human error, and it’s a facet of your business where minor mistakes can mean serious consequences. By taking advantage of Craftable’s state-of-the-art software, you can 86 issues like:

  • Double entry 
  • Tracking down payments
  • Digging through invoices for answers to simple questions
  • Late payments that can result in costly fees (and damage your reputation with vendors)  

Close Your Tab with Ease

You know how important it is to make it easy for your guests to settle up. Whether it’s allowing them to pay from their phones, or permitting them to split the bill countless ways, you’ll do whatever you can to make things fast and simple. 

At Craftable, we think paying your invoices should be just as efficient, which is why we connect with over 6,000 food and beverage vendors. To make things even easier for your restaurant, invoice processing can be done directly with ACH, eCheck, or even virtual credit cards. You’ll never have to write a paper check again!

Your Accounting Software, Accounted For

Processing and paying your invoices aren’t the only things on your plate. To keep your finances organized, you also need to log payments and purchases into your accounting software. With our restaurant purchasing software, your invoices are automatically uploaded to your Craftable account, and then synced directly with your accounting software via CVS or API. 

Better Invoices, Better Business 

How you manage your restaurant invoices can impact your business in more ways than you may realize. By utilizing Craftable’s automated invoice management capabilities, you’ll also gain access to valuable metrics like operational reporting across invoices, A/P, inventory,  and costs and sales. This means you can boost profit margins by as much as 3-5% by utilizing the insight we provide into what’s really happening in your business—on the floor, in the kitchen, behind the bar, and in the office. 

Craftable’s powerful system makes you feel like you’re doing business in 2021. So you can say goodbye to the days of your invoices being the enemy, and hello to a world where everything runs just a little bit smoother.