Investing in Tech

The hospitality industry is evolving quickly and technology is following suit. These tools, designed with you in mind, aim to simplify operations and drive profit. Think about how often your business relies on manual inputs like book-keeping, invoices and menu costing. Reclaim your time and max out on productivity with digitized and automated input applications like Craftable. 

Set the Table for Bigger Profits, Use Tech to Boost Profits

We promise this isn’t all bologna. According to the Small Business Administration, companies that fully utilized tech earned two times more revenue per employee, experienced nearly four times the revenue growth annually and were almost three times more likely to create jobs in the next year*. Tapping into these tech trends is a powerful investment into your business that is guaranteed to pay back in the future. 

Bring Home the Bacon, How Digital Analytics Will Turn You Into a Financial Guru

Goodbye guess-work! Automated reporting tools break down complex sales data into digestible information so you can set accurate budgets and plan for the future. 

Do you know how much you’re spending on labor at any given time? Calculating labor costs has never been easier with Craftable’s live analytics feature: Heartbeat. Tap into trending sales revenue, labor costs, discounts, voids, guest counts, open checks and on-the-clock employees along with their wages. Oh, did we mention that it updates live every 15 minutes? 

Butterfingers? Ensure Accuracy in your Books with Automated Entry

Get ready to clear your desk and go digital, goodbye stacks of invoices and checks! Digital inventory tracking improves accuracy and significantly cuts down on labor costs. Take manual input off your hands with Books, Craftable’s industry-leading A/P software for accounting, reporting and vendor payments. Simply snap a picture, upload and let us digitize your invoices so you can get back to doing what you love. 

Appetizers Anyone? Start Small and Become a Pro in No Time

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate. That’s why Craftable allows small businesses to start small with the tools that fit their unique needs and goals. Reclaim your time with Books and never miss a vendor payment again. When you’re ready to give up clipboards, dip your toes into Foodager. From ordering to receiving, our digital purchasing flow integrates with your vendor. Ready to pour? With inventory, ordering and digital audits, Bevager is ready to be your bar’s best friend. 

Not sure what to order? 

We’ve got a full menu and we’re here to help. Request a demo today to get connected with our industry experts. We can’t wait for you to join the family! 

*Data taken from the United States Small Business Economic Profile