Hospitality professionals are finding themselves with a lot on their plate. From supply-chain constraints and simplified menus to labor shortages, multi-unit restaurant groups have been stretched as thin as thin-crust pizza dough. Craftable created a solution to help provide transparency and optimize operations where it’s needed most.

Heartbeat, an addition to Analytics, lets you keep track of your restaurant’s POS data in real-time, so you can track performance and make adjustments as needed. Heartbeat makes it easy to manage multiple concepts while maximizing productivity and driving profit. 

















How it works

With Heartbeat, restaurant and bar owners can manage their business without ever stepping foot in the actual store. Craftable updates in real-time via your POS data every 15 minutes, so you never miss a beat. View staff, labor costs, discounts, voids, open tickets and more in one seamlessly integrated platform. Heartbeat is currently available for Square, Revel, Aloha, Toast, Micros and PAR POS users.

Keep the pulse on your restaurant

How operators manage their business is changing drastically and restaurant technology is following suit. With so many operators needing to adjust with fewer resources and a disjointed supply chain, easy-access visibility across all of a group’s locations is now more important than ever.  

Monitoring fluctuating meal periods is imperative to maximize your business’s profit. With so many factors at play like mealtimes, discounts and voids it’s important to keep track of the variability that affects your restaurant’s growth. Don’t let slow meal periods eat into your profit, make staffing adjustments based on traffic and revenue without having to call in and disrupt the flow of your business. 

Managing your team

Your staff is at the heart of what you do. In an industry that revolves around service and is being faced with uncertainty, staff management is pivotal to your business’ growth. Measuring staff integrity and accountability can be difficult, especially when you are overseeing multiple concepts. Heartbeat grants you full transparency by displaying every single staff member on the clock along with their pay rate, tips and labor cost data. 

The key to successful multi-unit restaurant management is efficiency. Staff performance and productivity fundamentally equates to the profitability of your business. With full insight into labor costs, Heartbeat lets you gain insight into your restaurant’s spend vs gain, in order to make informed business decisions to improve efficiency and better your bottom line. 

About Craftable

Craftable is a full-service restaurant management platform that seamlessly connects purchasing, recipes, inventory and sales with accounting to help operators drive profit. Designed for hospitality by the industry’s leading experts, Craftable is simple for the floor and powerful for the office. Learn more at